About Us

Setif, Inc. offers a range of Out Patient Treatment to Our Communities. Get help now!

Office of Health Care Quality Registration
# 905329

group of teen agerOur Mission

  • To provide an environment where our clients will begin to rebuild their lives; regain the trust of their families and loved ones, and become productive members of the society.
  • To provide the necessary tools where addicts can become substance abuse free through hard work and dedication.
  • To learn the necessary tools that will prevent children, adolescent and adults from becoming addicted to illegal substances.
  • To assist the addicted individuals to acquire skills and training to re-enter the workforce and reintegrate into the society.
  • To learn the value of life and family.

Who can come to us for help?

Any individual who has drug and alcohol problems as well as any individual who wants to stop alcohol and drug use before it becomes a problem. We also provide assistance to family members who have been affected by their loved ones addictive behavior.

Most of our clients are referred through the courts and the department of parole and probation and MVA, while some are self-referred. Everyone who needs help is welcome. We accept adult, young adults adolescent as well as men into our program.

If you have someone you refer to us, please use the online form here.