Mental Health Group Counseling

Talking about our challenges can help especially when we’re telling it to someone who is also going through a similar situation. At Setif, Inc. we conduct Mental Health Group Counseling where we gather different participants and have a group session with them (or with their family members).

Individual treatment is also still conducted alongside Mental Health Group Counseling. We find that patients can progress in their recovery much faster when they have a support system that is achieved through socialization with other individuals.

Group counseling allows the individual to explore other coping methods that may work for their peers. We offer programs for Process and Psycho-Educational Group Therapy.

  • Process Group Therapy: exploring emotions, reactions and ways of relating to others who are going through similar challenges
  • Psycho-Educational Group Therapy: applying skills learned in group sessions; experiential learning for individual participants with tasks or missions given after every session

To determine which of these two programs for group therapy you should be in, please visit our office for a consultation and an evaluation. To set an appointment, please call 301-446-3070.

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