Substance Abuse Treatment

At Setif Inc. we help our patients in their recovery journey from addictive substances or behaviors often associated with excessive alcohol intake or drug use. All individuals who undergo treatment with us remain anonymous – we keep their personal information confidential from the start of the therapy until they achieve sobriety.

Using cognitive-behavioral therapy, we help the individual to identify repetitive behaviors or a pattern of their destructive behavior and then provide the necessary counseling to reduce, if not eliminate, the behavior from their system. The goal is to help the person become better aware of triggers or stressors when they are placed in a particular situation that prompts them to use drugs or drink excessively. Once these triggers are identified, we help the individual to build coping skills to avoid or overcome their addiction.

Patients (or their family member) can discuss the treatment plan with the coordinator. The treatment plan encompasses all aspects of substance abuse disorder and may include therapies like:

  • 12-Step fellowship Program
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Peer supports or Group Therapy